Face Recognition Terminals - K1T681DBWX


Android 11 operation system

8-inch LCD touch screen, 2 MP wide-angle lens

Face recognition duration < 0.2 s/User, face recognition accuracy rate ≥ 99%

Built-in M1 card, Felica card, and DESfire card reading module (Presents card on the screen to authenticate)

Face mask detection

100,000 face capacity, 10,000 fingerprint capacity (with fingerprint module), 500,000 card capacity, and 500,000 event capacity

Supports ISAPI, ISUP 5.0, TCP/IP

Supports face recognition of single person and multiple people (up to 5 people)

Recognition distance: 0.3 to 3 m



Operation System: Android 11


Resolution: 800 × 1280

Size: 8-inch

Type: Touch screen


Pixel: 2 MP

Lens: Dual-lens

WDR: Support

Video Standard: PAL (Default)/NTSC


Wired Network: Support 10/100/1000 Mbps self-adaptive

Wi-Fi: Support


Alarm Input: 2

Alarm Output: 1

USB: 2, one (type C) for inserting module or data transmission, the other (type A) for data transmission

Audio Output Interface: 1 (3.5 mm)

Network Interface: 1

RS-485: 1

Wiegand: 1

Lock Output: 1

Exit Button: 1

Door Contact Input: 1



Face Capacity: 100,000

Fingerprint Capacity: 10,000 (With fingerprint module)

Card Capacity: 500,000

Event Capacity: 500,000


Face Recognition Accuracy Rate: ≥ 99%

Card Type: EM card;M1 card;DESfire card;Felica card

Card Presenting Mode: Under screen

Card Reading Distance

For normal card: 0 to 5 cm

For special shaped card: 0 to 3 cm

Card Reading Duration: < 1 s

Face Recognition Duration: < 0.2 s per person

Face Recognition Distance: 0.3 to 3 m


Configuration Via Web Browser: Support

Hik-Connect: Support operation via mobile application

Video Intercom: Support

Advertisement: Support video and picture advertisement

Two-Way Audio: Support

QR Code Recognition: Support (with QR code module)

Face Mask Recognition: Support

Bluetooth: Support

Face Anti-Spoofing: Support

Live View: Support

Audio Prompt: Support


Power Supply: 12 VDC, 3 A/24 VDC, 1.5 A

Working Temperature: -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F)

Working Humidity: 0 to 90% (no condensing)

Protective Level: IP65

Dimensions: 232.5 mm × 29.1 mm × 26.5 mm (9.2" × 1.1" × 1.0")

Language: English, Spanish (South America), Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese


Gross Weight:1.06 kg (2.34 lb)

Net Weight:0.57 kg (1.26 lb)

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