Time Attendance System


Yakta Technologies one of the leading time attendance system and software installation company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE. we provide excellent time attendance software for time attendance system. Our well trained technical team suggest suitable and excellent biometric time attendance machine for your office requirements. Yakta Technologies have experience in time attendance installation field in various office environment. Time attendance machine easily capture all employees fingerprint, face recognition-IRIS, palm recognitions with employee enrolled id. You can easily manage total employee attendance registration and employee medical and annual leaves with specific date and time.

Time attendance machine

Time attendance machine widely used all companies. Various type of time attendance machine available in market. Easily registered all employee attendance with employees fingerprint and face recognition. Your office total employee more than five thousand Yakta Technologies technical team suggest effective and excellent time attendance machine like as Zkteco, Suprema, Hikvision, Timmy, Matirx and HID. Basically, attendance machine varied from total quantity of employees and attendance recognition method. Yakta Technologies provide one year warranty for all time attendance machines.

Time attendance system software

Yakta Technologies provide effective time attendance software for attendance managements system. Easily manage total employee attendance registration with in one software. You can calculate monthly attendance report with in and out time. Employee working hours, over duty hours, week-off duty hours all detailed calculate with employee fingerprint recognition. Yakta Technologies developed time attendace software for time attendance management system. Lot of advanced features available in this software. Easily you can find out daily, monthly, absent, late in attendance, early out attendance, violation attendance, events attendance reports in single click.

Time attendance system

Now a days all employee attendance registration and calculation systematically. Time attendance system help to easily calculate total employee attendance with in and out time. Time attendance system can easily improve your office employee potential all times. Easily calculate your attendance registration with the help of the attendance system. Various types of attendance authentication methods are available like biometric fingerprint, face-IRIS recognitions, attendance registration based on location with help of google map. Yakta Technologiess provides an effective and excellent time attendance system in your office requirements.

Features of biometric attendance

All employee registration obtained from time attendance machine or manually registered from software.

Attendance Tracking – The employee arrives at specific time when he/she performs work, and his mere presence confirms his attendance.

Manage Multiple Shifts, User IDs and Perform Shift Mapping – Manage create, update, and manage shift schedules for teams

Manual Entry for discrepancy – Discrepancy that is generated by a user, rather than by RDC Onsite

Track tardiness and absences – Employees can clock in and out with a time clock app and photo verification

Biometrics – that can be used to identify individuals like fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, and retina scans.

Hourly Employee Tracking – Use to track both clock-in and -out times for hourly employees.

Import /Export Report Data – Data import and export functions provide access to data from files.

Accurate Leave Reports – A leave managed helps in recording, managing, and tracking employees’ time-off requests.

Simple, intuitive user interface – User-friendly UI without having to get lost, confused, guessing, experimenting, reading a manual book, or even asking the others.

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