Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras are cameras that read and digitalize vehicles' number plates in real-time. These All-included cameras can do the whole detection/recording/process/transmitting process all by themselves, without servers or triggers, sending compact digital data instead of heavy videos/images.

ANPR cameras have special hardware explicitly designed for ANPR such as specialized optics, integrated light source and special protective cases. Also, ANPR cameras have their own AI-powered firmware, also designed for dealing only with number plates, performing additional discrimination processes to understand every license plate design in the world.

ANPR Cameras are ideal for Vehicle Access Control, Security, ITS, Tolling , Car Parks and Smart City applications.

What is ANPR?
The magic behind the ANPR cameras: Automatic Number Plate Recognition is basically capturing a number plate, and converting it into digital data.

But there is so much more to it. This function allows a huge transformation in how many vehicles control-related operations work. By matching number plates with real-time vehicle information such as time, place, direction, speed, origin, alerts and public information about the driver, operators can access huge benefits such as cost lowering, increased security, lower air pollution, fastest and frictionless service. 
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