Data Center And Network Solutions

What is Data Center And Network Solution ?

A data center network (DCN) connects a data center’s computing and storage units to achieve optimum performance. While some businesses still use on-premise data center networks and physical servers, many are moving to cloud-native environments.

A data center must connect all that data living across multiple sites, data centers, public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and virtual private clouds. This is where data center networking comes in. Modern data center networks use full-stack networking and security virtualization to ensure robust security and centralized management. 

Importance of data center networking

Data center networking is key to creating a stable, reliable, scalable, and secure network infrastructure. DCN ensures the infrastructure meets evolving organizational network communication needs while supporting cloud computing and virtualization. Moreover, enterprise data center networking solutions improve with operational consistency, automation, and security – all key to delivering data and application services.

Data center networking is crucial because it also:

Centralizes resources and keeps operations consistent. Data center networking platforms take the effort out of connecting resources across the cloud, on-premise facilities, and at the edge (closer to the data’s destination). These solutions also ensure consistent policy application during resource integration. Plus, you can manage everything from a single console. 

Automates network service provisioning. Today’s businesses need speed and agility as their data centers automate tasks, balance workloads, and program networks. Data center networking tools are more efficient than human administrators when handling those tasks and responding to dynamic usage changes.
Eases troubleshooting. Data center networking systems help companies visualize the entire network and its interconnections for troubleshooting network issues.

Improves data center security. Since data centers store high-value information and intellectual property, they’re prone to cyber-attacks. Data center networking protects applications and data with integrated security controls, including capabilities of intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and microsegmentation software.
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