YT1213 Tripod Turnstile


Newly Design Half Height Tripod Turnstile Gate 3 Arms Tripod Turnstile

 3 Arms Tripod Turnstile gate is a robust, this model it has a compact overall housing. and Time-tested half height turnstile model design popular among organizations worldwide.  More than a thousand personnel pass through turnstile gates daily, therefore it is crucial to select a turnstile that robust and compatible with your pedestrian access control needs.

They are often deployed as a compact access control alternative in various facilities, such as Schools, Amusement parks, Medical Facilities, Exhibition & Convention Centers, Museums, and Fitness facilities.

 Half height turnstile Tripod Turnstile


Tripod turnstile gate can be widely used in Outdoor public place, Scenic area, Factory, Residential area for access management, and there is IP56 certificate. 

 The 3 arm tripod turnstile can be mounted with display, passage counter, card reader, token operation traffic lights, command console, alarm system against unauthorized entries, interfaced with a PC through a RS232(RS485)line

Tripod Turnstile Gate Model Number: YT1213

Tripod Turnstile Gate Size: 600*130*980mm

Tripod Turnstile Pass Width: 550mm

Tripod gate Net Weight: 40kg

Turnstile Cabinet Thickness: 1.5mm

Tripod turnstile Material: cold rolling sheet with painting

Top cover Material of Turnstiles: White color cold rolling sheet with painting

Gate Arm Material: SUS201

Tripod Turnstile Driver: mechanism

Infrared Sensor: N/A

Pass rate: 30-35p/m

Power Supply: 100-240V(AC)

Operational Voltage: 24V(DC)

Frequency: 50-60hz

Working Temperature: -25 to +72 ℃

MCBF: 10,000,000 cycles

 Access Control Turnstile Gate Features and Benefits

 • Use IC cards, ID cards, Bar code or magnetic cards as automatic identification system and achieve access, attendance fees or function

• There is LED indicator light on the cover of the box. When the card is used, green arrow will indicate the direction of passage.If brush illegal card, then prompt Red Cross LED light.

• A direction indicator, showed that pedestrian access to the current status of, and guide pedestrians correct and smooth passage

• With automatic reset function, that is, after obtaining the power over the gate, there is no power over the gate within the set time, the tripod turnstile gate automatically canceling the power, and the lock state is restored.

• Automatic resent function, if doesn’t pass through within the given time, the permission will be automatically cancelled and the arm will be restored

• Compatible with various control methods, including remote control, push buttons, IC or ID Card Reading Devices, etc.

• A combination of infrared sensors and police ant illegal entry into pedestrian access, the protection of pedestrians smooth and the prevention of the channel following

• Highlight LED indicator, indicate more eye-catching.

 Our advantage: 

1. Our power supply is the best brand from Taiwan “Mingwell” or “Fujia”.

2. We use Baoxin Stainless steel, the best brand in China.

3. 90% of production processes are developed by ourselves so we can control the costs and provide the competitive price correspondingly.

4. Germany “Optibelt” and American “Gates” is the belt we are using now.

5. We take 3M glue imported from American instead of the glass glue which other counterparts use.

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