SMATV / MATV Solutions

What is SMATV?

SMATV stands for ‘Satellite Master Antenna Television’ and refers to a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution to a cabling network.

How does it Work?

SMATV systems generally work alongside an MATV system.  We install a satellite dish and TV antenna to receive the signal from the service providers.  This signal is fed into electronic equipment: a headend, which enables the signals to be balanced and distributed throughout the TV system. This system can also allow for the provisioning of in-house channels to be transmitted alongside the free-to-air and subscription channels.

SuperTech can offer a full design, installation, and maintenance service for SMATV systems. From 8 channels to 80 channels, Free-to-Air and Subscription Channels, all equipment is of a professional high definition standard. Off-site remote access can be offered to monitor the system and make channel changes.  Whether this is a new installation or an upgrade of an existing system, it is carried out with the least amount of disruption possible.

MATV is a ‘Master Antenna Television’ which is similar to SMATV but does not use satellites. Instead, it uses aerial, DAB and FM connections to supply Free-To-Guest channels to the television system.
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